Executing your idea is your business.

Protecting it is ours.

Executing your idea is your business.

Protecting it is ours.

Let The Creator’s Law Firm protect your Smarts with our award-winning trademark services. 

Executing your idea is your business.

Protecting it is ours.

Executing your idea is your business.

Protecting it is ours.

Let The Creator’s Law Firm protect your Smarts with our award-winning trademark services. 

Bulletproof Your Brand

Save yourself money and frustration by securely owning the exclusive rights to your brand names, slogans, and logos.

Stop “Brand Burglars”

Your ideas, products, or services are likely targets for brand thieves, which is why our trademark services are designed to not only protect your intellectual genius but instill customer confidence, loyalty, and trust. 

Safeguard Your Future 

Trademarks may be intangible, but they are FAR from worthless. Set your future up by positioning your brand and trademark as a valuable asset that can be licensed, leveraged, or sold in the future. 

Realize the Full Power of Your Brand

Imagine this: You’ve worked hard to develop your brand and name recognition. You’ve built community, put in sweat equity, and cultivated an epic customer experience that makes your supporters feel like rock stars! You’re in a groove, gaining momentum, making waves like a boss. 

Then the thought hits you like a ton of bricks…

How are you protecting your brand from copycat competitors and keeping your smarts safe during the “innovation” phase? Check out this video to learn about the power of trademarks and how you can avoid this situation by protecting your business.

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Our firm uses our proprietary process - The Trademark Code™ - to guide you and your brand through the Trademark registration cycle. We also provide:
  • Comprehensive searches and recommendations to equip you with the knowledge you need to make optimal boss moves.
  • A team of professional, certified, and experienced attorneys that will accompany you through the success of your entire trademark registration process.
  • Receipts. With a 98.5% success rate on Trademark registrations, we’ve got plenty of ‘em! 


Meet The Team 

With a client portfolio that reads like a VIP list of some of the world's most successful Black brands, The Creator’s Law Firm is guided by a diverse team of female legal juggernauts and boasts an impressive 98.5% success rate in trademark registrations.

We understand that the best way to succeed at anything is to value what you do and whom you serve. Businesses, executives, and communities rely on us because we prioritize our client experience, collaboration, innovation, and reputation.

Our experienced team is dedicated to helping you find clarity and resolution within the trademark registration process and is here to help you navigate this with compassion and integrity. Our broad base of legal knowledge, expertise, extensive resources, and commitment to excellence positions us as one of the leading law firms in the US.

The New $3,000 
Trademark Package

98.5% Success Rate Explanation

    Pioneer Trademark 
    Legal Service 

    Access to the Client Portal

    20- minute Intake Call with Legal Team Member 
    Intention, Outcome, Agenda (IOA)

    A Generalized Video about the Trademark Risk Level

    Comprehensive TM Search and Manual Knock Out Search by TM Attorneys

    • Access to Your Robust TM Search Report
    • An Opinion Letter with Your TM Analysis and Strength Assessment 
    • One (1) Complimentary 2nd Search for High-Risk Marks

    Drafting TM Application including Extracting and Submitting Evidence

    Filing TM Application with the USPTO

    Filing Fees in One (1) Class

    Two (2) 15-minute calls 

    Unlimited Access to the Legal Team via Email

    Unlimited Trademark Monitoring by the Legal Team

    Unlimited Trademark Status Updates from the Legal Team

    Minor Office Actions Filing:

    • Procedural OAs:  Disclaimers, Identification Amendments, Address Updates, Specimen Updates, Name Consents, Explanation of the Mark, Entity Clarification, Logo Mark Explanation/Identification

    Does not include the following 

    • Framed Trademark Certificate within the TM Party in a Box
    • Rebranding Assistance with the Attorney and Creative Director 
    • TM Maintenance
    • ​SOUs
    • ​Extensions
    • Legal Consultations
    • Additional Classes
    • ​Substantive OA Responses
    • TTAB 

    Legal Learning

    (Click to watch the videos below)

    Trademark Packages

    Trademark Packages

    Future Use vs. Present Use

    Future Use vs Present Use

    Office Actions

    Office Actions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a federal trademark?  

    A Federal Trademark is the protection of either your name, brand name, slogan or logo with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office which (a) identifies the source of goods or services and (b) distinguishes such from the goods or services of others on the Federal level. 

    Examples include:

    “THE CREATOR’S LAW FIRM” as a word mark 

    The Creator’s Law Firm logo: 

    The slogan “We Help You Protect Your Smarts” 

    What is the difference between a trademark, copyright and patent? 

    A trademark is a word, phrase, design, or a combination that identifies your goods or services, distinguishes them from the goods or services of others, and indicates the source of your goods or services.

    A copyright is an artistic, literary, or intellectually created works, such as novels, music, movies, software code, photographs, and paintings that are original and exist in a tangible medium, such as paper, canvas, film, or digital format.

    A patent is a technical invention, such as chemical compositions like pharmaceutical drugs, mechanical processes like complex machinery, or machine designs that are new, unique, and usable in some type of industry.

    Why should I register for a Federal Trademark rather than a State Trademark?

    State trademarks protect a mark only in the registered state(s) and offer a limited amount of protection. Meanwhile, a federal trademark protects the mark(s) nationwide and potentially can be used to obtain international trademarks through the World Intellectual Property Organization and provide you with the greatest form of protection within the United States. 

    How long does it take to Register my Trademark?

    In total it can take approximately 9-15 months from when your application is filed for your mark to Register.

    What if I know someone is using a similar name to me?

    If you know of someone who is using a similar name to yours the legal team will be sure to take this into consideration when conducting your comprehensive trademark clearance search and provide you with clarity on the risk level to that in your opinion letter.

    Do I have to have a comprehensive clearance search for my mark?

    YES! Completing the comprehensive trademark clearance search helps to identify any legal barriers to your company's use or registration of its trademark before the company begins to actually use the trademark or apply to have it registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

    I have already checked the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office’s online trademark database.
    Why do I still need to have a trademark clearance search done?

    Searching the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office search engine retrieves only records for registered and pending federal trademarks. It does not retrieve records of relevant state registrations or unregistered trademarks including company names, brand names, and domains, nor does it always provide you with a clear pathway to protection as the search engine only populates exact matches.

    How can a trademark clearance search help me avoid legal risk and save me time and money?

    A trademark clearance search may significantly reduce the possibility of your company receiving a demand or legal action from a senior rights holder alleging infringement of their trademark by identifying such risks up front in terms of any pre-existing identical or confusingly similar trademarks.

    I’m not currently selling my goods or providing services to consumers, can I still file for my 
    federal trademark?

    That is a great question, yes! If you have not begun selling your goods or services just yet you can still apply for your federal trademark using the future use application. The future use application essentially holds your place in line until you are ready to begin use. However, please note that the USPTO will eventually want to see proof that you have begun selling your goods and services to consumers which can incur additional fees dependent on the package you invest in.

    Who reviews my application once it is filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office?

    A trademark examining attorney will review your application approximately 4-5 months after it has been filed (I know, crazy!) and will determine whether (a) we need to make changes and adjustments to the application, these are typically very minor procedural issues, (b) respond to a substantive office action refusal which is the examining attorney asking us to provide clarity and more information on your application or (c) nothing! They approve the application and it will proceed on the pathway to registration!

    I want to trademark my brand name, logo and slogan, do they belong on one application?

    No, a brand name, logo and slogan are all separate and distinct trademarks which belong on their own application for review with the trademark office.

    What if I am using my trademark with certain goods and services but not all?

    That is no problem! You can actually file a federal trademark application with both an in-use and future use section.

    What if I want to add goods and/or services to my application once it has been filed?

    Unfortunately, we cannot add goods and or services to an application once it has been filed and accepted with the USPTO; however, we can always beef up an application before it is filed and if you decide not to render those goods or services we can always remove that language from the existing application. We can always remove, never add.

    How long does The Creator’s Law Firm (CLF) represent me?

    The Creator’s Law Firm will represent you from when you retain us to when your mark has been registered with the USPTO.

    Do I need to Register my Trademark?

    Not to use it. However, federal registration has several advantages, including notice to the public of the registrant's claim of ownership of the trademark, a legal presumption of ownership nationwide, and the exclusive right to use the trademark on or in connection with those goods or services set forth in the registration. Federal registration also allows the owner of a trademark to sue for infringement in federal court and to stop the importation of infringing material. (HUGE!!)

    What is the difference between ™ and Ⓡ?

    The ™ symbol is specifically for those individuals who do not have a federal trademark yet but are indicating to the general public that the words, logo or slogan are an identifier for goods and or services and would like to begin the trademark process. While the Ⓡ is specifically for those who have a obtained a federal trademark from the USPTO. 

    What other legal services does The Creator's Law Firm provide?

    The Creator’s Law Firm provides an array of legal services to assist you in developing and protecting your legacy and brand. These services include:
    Business Entity Formation

    Business advice, restructuring and strategy sessions

    World-wide Trademark Filings 

    Copyright Registrations

    Contract Reviews  

    Contract Drafting

    Contract Negotiation

    Contract Disputes

    Trade Secrets


    Office Action representation 

    Online Infringement Removal 

    Cease and Desist representation 

    Internet Law 

    E-Commerce & Digital Commerce Protection

    And monthly subscription and general counsel services aimed to represent and support your business to the fullest potential. 

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